Butcher block installation and cleaning

butcher block
How to clean your butcher block

A modern butcher block becomes more and more common in today’s kitchen design. Whether integrating a stand alone block or combining it into a butcher block island you should take special care when setting up the kitchen cabinet lineup. This article would like to give you some tips on how to best combine your butcher block with the other cabinets. We also would like to give you some ideas on how to keep your butcher block clean and hygienic in the long run.

Installation of a butcher block

Installing a standard 4 leg butcher block into your kitchen cabinets lineup is straight forward. Prepare a cutout in your countertop and make sure the block has some room around. Never have the butcher blocks touch the cabinets around. Do not screw the block to any of your cabinets as vibrations will be distributed all over you kitchen front. Instead use half inch soft-rubber on all sites of the cabinet touching the butcher block.

Keep in mind that you want to be able to pull out the butcher block for cleaning. Make sure the entire block stands flat on the kitchen surface. As far as height is concerned, it depends on your personal likes. A good way of installing is to keep the butcher block about 1 inch underneath the surface of your surrounding kitchen countertop.

Cleaning a butcher block

With increased daily use the butcher block will need some cleaning. Using normal tap water for every days cleaning might leave the butcher block island or butcher block countertops with a grey shade. Most manufacturers offer special oils in order to keep the wood clean and hygienic. However resulting from deeper cutting grooves or simple grease you might want to clean up your butcher block a little bit deeper.

Get a rotating pvc brush for your drill at your DIY store. These brushes are usually sold to clean up metals, but work perfectly for cleaning up any kind of butcher block surface. Afterwards sand the top of the block with a sanding paper grid 120 and apply the finishing oil. This way the butcher block will maintain its natural beauty and functionality.

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