The eastern butcher block

eastern butcher block
An excellent maple butcher block for your kitchen

The eastern butcher block has been known for many many years now as one of the finest of its kind. Manufactured in 10" Thick maple wood the eastern butcher block it stands for very high quality. In can be perfectly integrated into kitchen countertops. The Great Woods Fine Furniture, a division of Eastern Butcher Block, produces the eastern butcher blocks in its factory in Providence, Rhode Island .


A 2 year warranty on eastern butcher block

Every eastern butcher block comes with a two year warranty on materials and workmanship. Provided that the eastern butcher block was delivered to the original customer. In case your maple butcher block from eastern should get damaged within that period you can get it replaced or repaired from any authorized Great Woods Dealer.

Eastern butcher blocks are available from:

Great Woods Fine Furniture
A division of eastern butcher block
25 Eagle St., Providence, RI
Phone  (401) 273-6330, (800) 666-4322 -
Fax  (401) 274-1811

Within the wide range of different maple butcher blocks available on the market, the eastern butcher block is certainly one of the most durable and finest blocks available for your kitchen.

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