Kitchen Faucet Designs

Over the last few years you may have noticed that kitchen faucet designs are becoming more and more advanced. You can buy a faucet that will automatically turn on and shut off depending on your needs, and that can save you a lot of money on water. When you are planning a new kitchen or looking to remodel your old one, consider installing one of these new faucets that puts technology on your side to save money, and looks great at the same time.

Different groups of faucets

Generally speaking, two basic groups of kitchen faucets can be considered, wall mounted or sink-mounted. In the past wall mounted faucets where quite common, whilst nowadays the bulk of the faucets are directly mounted on top of the kitchen sink itself.

Large variety of different handles and shapes

For each of the above mentioned groups a huge variety is available on the market:

  • Faucets with single control lever are probably the most common. Mostly installed directly into the kitchen sinks, they bevel from left to right. With only one control handle the quantity and the temperature are controlled.
  • Faucets with pull out spray head can be directed directly into the sink. This way the water is sprayed exactly where it is needed. Pulling the spray head back into the faucet, lets it work like a standard one.
  • Wall mounted kitchen faucet tend to have a rather long hose towards the sink. Available with single-control or two handle control, the wall mounted solution allows more space on top of the worktop.

Homeowners who are looking for remodeling ideas that will update their kitchen faucets should consider the more functional faucets that are on the market. These faucets are normally seen in restaurants, but they have been given a more practical edge to look great in anyone's home. With these faucets, the faucet head is attached to a flexible hose that allows you to reach all corners of your sink, and even be able to do big clean ups on your countertops easier. The faucet head fits into a handle that is often made of brushed metal and gives the whole faucet a finished look.

Additionally, other types of faucets are available, including gooseneck shapes if you need to fill large buckets in a kitchen sink. Check with your kitchen designer to find out the the different options for your kitchen. Additionally you can ask your local plumber to get feedback on quality of certain kitchen faucets and brands he might recommend.