Installing a granite countertop

granite countertop
Tips and Tricks on how to mount a granite kitchen countertop

Granite kitchen countertop installation

The granite countertop is one of the most common materials used in a kitchen. The popularity of a granite countertop comes from its durability and resistance against nearly all common materials and liquids. However with increasing numbers of installations of laminate countertops in a kitchen, let's remember how to install the granite once properly.

Cutouts on the granite countertop

All the cuts in the granite countertop for kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets and perhaps the oven, special tools are needed. The longer straight cuts are preferably done with an angle grinder using special diamond blades. These special blades, usually used for dry cuts can be slightly different than normal diamond blades for stone. So make sure when you get the blade and be reassured that granite can be cut. As far as inside corners need to be cut you can use special carbide coated jig saw blades. However make sure you disable the pendulum action when cutting the granite countertop.


Holes for faucets in the countertop

A nice way to combine the difficult corner cuts of a granite countertop and the additional use for faucets are Carbide Grit Hole Saws. Get one or a set of these hole saws and use them in case a hole for a faucet is needed. In addition you can drill holes in each corner of a sink cutout and than just cut the straight cuts with an angle grinder. This is a very efficient and fast way to get perfect cuts in a granite countertop.

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