Assembly of kitchen granite countertops

granite countertops
A good way to fit granite countertops perfectly into your kitchen

How to assemble granite countertops on to your kitchen cabinets

Before we start, some brief background on granite countertops. The word granite comes from the word granum, a latin word standing for grain. Being a stone, granite countertops consist of about 85% of quarts and feldspars. This makes the surface extremely hard and durable and the ideal for kitchentops.

The installation of granite countertops is fairly straight forward, and not much different from the assembly of laminate countertops or corian countertops. Having done all the cutouts and holes for kitchen sinks and faucets, which is explained in our article about installing granite countertop here, it all comes done to the fixture of the stone on the kitchen cabinets.

Preparation of granite countertops before assembly

Instead of attaching the granite countertops directly to the top of the kitchen cabinets, it is better to have a spacer board drilled to the cabinets first. Such a board, usually plywood up to 1 inch thick, works in two ways. First it levels the surface where the granite kitchen countertop is later glued to and secondly it gives additional room to fit the sink and faucets from underneath. Just screw the board down from above and seal it with a paint.

The paint on the spacer board will prevent the silicone caulk from sinking in too much into the wood. The granite countertops are best fixed to the board using silicone caulk. The joints will always be more visible on the granite counter tops than on laminate or corian once, due to the natural structure of the material. However if you seal your granite kitchen countertops once a year and keep the clean, it will be the ideal material for your kitchentop.


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