The different types of Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

kitchen cabinet knobs
What to look for when deciding on kitchen cabinet knobs

Which kind of knobs should go on your kitchen cabinet

Whenever you come to the point shopping for kitchen cabinet knobs you should make sure you get a little bit closer look. As with so many little things kitchen cabinet knobs are literally what gets you in touch with your kitchen every day. So if the knobs dont feel good whenever you oben a drawer or if they look just ugly, the entire impression about the kitchen cabinet can be disturbed.

First of all, on your new or remodeled kitchen decide wheter you want handles or kitchen cabinet knobs. A handle usually is easier to grab but might interfere to much into the kitchen design. On the other hand one of these really stylish ultramodern kitchen cabinet knobs might look perfect, but could be very difficult to grab.

Materials and shapes of kitchen cabinet knobs

So if you go for kitchen cabinet knobs, lets have a general look on the kind of shapes you might find. Among the millions of different form you will kitchen cabinet knobs pincome accross, two types can be differenciated.

Pin type knobs usually stand for a very modern, rather stylish design. Available in different shapes, they are often difficult to grab, especially with wet fingers.


ball type kitchen cabinet knobsBall type kitchen cabinet knobs are the most common kind of knobs. Simply the shape allows you to grab them easily.

And finally there is the decision on the material of any kind of kitchen cabinet knob to be made. Whether you go for wooden, plastic, metal or a combination of materials, always keep in mind that you might want to clean the knobs easily and they have to resist humidity.

Therefore make sure you ask your kitchen cabinet maker if he can provide some samples of knobs. Best if the kitchen cabinet knobs are already mounted on a door or drawer front similiar to the one you want, so you can see how color and material mach. Nothing worth than ugly looking kitchen cabinet knobs on a new kitchen.

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