What good kitchen cabinet plans should contain

kitchen cabinet plans
Plans on kitchen cabinets and what to look for

What good kitchen cabinet plans should contain

Searching for kitchen cabinet plans on the web can be quite time consuming. With the thousands of sources for kitchen cabinet plans it is difficult to find the best source. In this article we will examine the what to look for, before you get a good plan. Especially with kitchen cabinets it is important to look beyond the plans.

Good kitchen cabinet plans should contain the following parts

A detailed drawing of the cabinet with measurements given. Also certain important areas of the plan in detail 1:1. Especially for the corner areas of the kitchen cabinet the plans should be very detailed.

Overview with three dimensional drawings. Very important especially at the beginning is to get an overview on the kitchen cabinet. The plans should include some perspective drawings where you can get an idea of what the furniture will look like as seen from different angles.

Very obvious but not always included in every kind of kitchen cabinet plans are step-by-step instructions. The more detailed these written instructions are the better it is. Sometimes these instructions are accompanied by a video - certainly worth buying for the beginner. As far as the workflow is concerned, look out if a cutting plan is included. These additional instruction will show you in which order you should cut your boards to get the most out of it.

Good kitchen cabinet plans also include detailed and comprehensive material and parts lists. Perhaps even showing the sources for each part. This is key especially if you need to find a certain drawer guide recommended in the plans. Same with any hinges or locks mentioned. Especially here it is important to get some alternative product listed, just in case you run into difficulties finding them.

To sum it up, good kitchen cabinet plans include detailed drawings with three dimensional views. Easy to understand instructions sometimes accompanied by a video, a list of all parts and materials used with details where to get them. Having in mind these vital parts, it should be easier to find excellent kitchen cabinet plans for you.

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