Kitchen cabinet pulls and designs

kitchen cabinet pulls

Whatever type of kitchen cabinet pulls you will install on your existing or new kitchen cabinets you should adhere to some basic rules. So before you go out and look for any kitchen cabinet door pulls or knobs just have a good look on your kitchen cabinets and doors and follow some general questions:

Material of the pulls

The different kitchen cabinet door pulls available range from simple metal, inox to antique brass or copper and nickel handles. Cabinet pulls can also be made of PVC or other plastics, available in all different colours. If you decide on the right material for your pulls keep in mind that durability of the kitchen pulls is key.

Shape and Design

With such an enormous amount of different kitchen cabinet knobs and handles available on the market it is very difficult to give any advice on the shape and design of any pulls. Generally speaking for framed kitchen cabinet doors a simple handle or knob works well, on panel type doors you would like to have bars or long shaped kitchen cabinets pulls.

Usability of any kitchen cabinet pulls

At last keep in mind that any kind of knob or handle must be easy to use. Even the most stylish looking door handle can drive you crazy if it slips out of your finger every time you grab it. Here as well have a good look on long kitchen door pulls and bars which go along the entire width of the kitchen door. These kitchen cabinet pulls are very easy to grab from all over your kitchen.

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