Comparing different types of kitchen countertops

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Are granite kitchen countertops really the best solution.

Whenever deciding on kitchen countertops it’s a question to go for granite once or the others. granite kitchen countertops or other stone based material are still one of the most widely used in todays kitchen design. We would like to have a look on whether granite kitchen countertops are really the best solution.

What makes good kitchen countertops?

what first comes to mind evaluating kitchen countertops is the hardness of the surface. Whether it is the simple resistance against scratches or knife cuts or it’s the durability against simple hits. Just think about when you drop something out of your hanging kitchen cabinets and it falls on the countertops. From a simple hardness point of view granite kitchen countertops are certainly within the best, with other solid surface countertops not being that resitant.

Heat resistance

Another factor influencing kitchen counter tops is heat resitance. Imaginge taking the hot pan away from the oven and leaving it on top of your hardwood kitchentop. So heat resistance is a major quality aspect. Obviously once again granite offers better heat resistance than laminate countertops.

Resistance against liquids

Especially around the kitchen sinks countertops must be very resistant against any type of liquids. Compared to e.g. wooden countertops any granite ktichen countertop is more resistant at first view, but do not forget about special kinds of liquids. As far as granite is concerned, the material is rather weak agains acid liquids such as lemon or orange juices. Here other materials such as corian countertops or laminate have a certain advantage.

Pricing and assembly of kitchen countertops

The final and often the biggest decision maker on kitchen countertops is pricing. With granite being rather expensive, corian or laminate counter tops do here make the race. Traditional hardwood used for kitchen countertops could be an interesting alternative from this point of view.

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