Kitchen Designs

There are two elements of kitchen design that are critical as you go through the planning process. The first is the proper use of space. Even if you have a relatively large kitchen, you can still find yourself without sufficient floor and countertop space if you do not plan properly. The proper use of space will make it easier for you to get around in your kitchen, and it will also make your kitchen a comfortable place for your family to gather. An open floor design also allows you to have options for the future to add appliances or make changes that will make your kitchen easier to use.

The other design element of a kitchen that is important is creating flow among the different elements in your design. Your appliances, cabinets, countertops and everything else in your kitchen should flow well together to give a sense of continuity that makes your kitchen more visually appealing. A kitchen with good flow will increase the value of your home, and it will help you to get more for your home if you ever try to refinance your mortgage or sell your home outright.

When it comes to new kitchen designs and how to develop new ideas for future kitchens it is worth looking at newly available technologies and how they can be adapted. Whether looking at traditional kitchens or more modern designs, new types of hinge or drawer slides, stops or lifts are offered by the industry makes its way into cabinets and cupboards. Recent developments in kitchen hardware which most certainly will influence future kitchen design.

Kitchen designs with light

We have seen many ways to apply lighting in kitchen designs - whether it was using neon lights underneath the hanging cabinets, or halogen spotlights pointing directly on the kitchen sink and oven. And of course there was the indirect lighting which influence designs for many years. So what is next? One fantastic new idea comes is the compact fluorescent tube light. The tube is put behind glass panels and gives an impressive highlight especially when using drawer fronts and doors made of glass. Apart of the practical advantage of given extra light in finding anything in a drawer or a cabinet, the fluorescent light makes every drawer row eye catching.

As far as corner solutions are concerned new kitchens will often use corner cabinet solutions with drawers and pull-outs instead of doors. Every cabinet maker has come across the problem of how to best use the space in a 90 degree corner, where usually drawers would collide or space is very difficult to access. The design award winning solution allows the drawer to pull out perfectly using all of the given storage space within the kitchen cabinet.

Another very promising idea which could go well into new kitchen designs is Hettichs vertico synchro, a sliding door system which moves two vertically sliding kitchen doors up and down at the same time. For top-mounted kitchen cupboards it is a beautiful alternative and permits contemporary designs.

All of these examples show how new hardware development will influence future kitchens. Some of the ideas may look a little bit futuristic to the more traditional kitchen owner, however it is a good idea to make sure that you at least know that these solutions exist, so you can decide whether or not you want them incorporated into your kitchen. After all, with these and many other new developments in kitchen hardware, new kitchen designs will often offer even more usability.