Kitchen Sink Designs

From the traditional old-style kitchen sinks to the modern integrated once, the range to choose from is enormous. Modern kitchens are made out of huge variety of materials. These materials permit new shapes and forms which make it easier for sinks to be integrated into the kitchen design.

Your kitchen sink can be both functional and add to the decor of your kitchen if you make the right design choices. When it comes to contemporary design tips for a kitchen sink, the most common choice is stainless steel. Not only is stainless steel durable, but it looks great and retains that look for a very long time. If you were to match up a stainless steel sink with stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, then you would have a modern look that will get people's attention. Stainless steel is also extremely easy to clean, which is another reason why so many people are installing it in their homes.

Previously kitchen sinks were inserted into a hole of the kitchen worktop and fixed from underneath. Over the recent years undermounted sinks have become more and more popular as they integrate more organically into the overall design.

Different shapes

Before going into more detail let's have a look on the different forms that can be found. Generally, various shapes include:

  • Single bowl kitchen sink, available left or right.
  • Double bowl sinks where they can be identical or different of size.
  • Triple bowl sink with extra space to store the sponge. Ideal for large faucets.

Huge variety of different materials used

The most traditional kind of sink is made out of stainless steel, followed by porcelain and the more modern once made out of DuPont® corian. With this newer material it is quite easy to combine them and the counter and make it out of one entire peace. The DuPont® corian sink is glued underneath the kitchen top which is made of the same material. With a precise cut out using diamond coated router bits, the surface of the kitchen counter and the sinkbowl are smoothly finished. As a result the joint between the counter and the sink can hardly be seen.

Updating your current kitchen sink

If you are interested in keeping your sink and updating it to something a bit more modern, then consider using one of the many sink resurfacing kits that are available. There are several types of finishes you can buy, but a copper finish seems to be the most popular these days. There are also enamel resurfacing kits you can buy that you can use to turn your old sink into a new sink with a different color. If you want a kitchen sink remodeling project that will help you to get the most out of your existing sink, then consider resurfacing your sink and giving it a brand new look.

Improved cabinets for new sinks

With the recent development in new types of kitchen cabinet drawers the space underneath a sink can be used more efficiently. Amongst others there is a new kind of U-shaped drawer which makes perfect use of the space underneath the kitchen sinks. The concept is very easy and perfect especially to store dishwashing accessories or cleaning agents etc. Gone are the times where the space of a kitchen cabinet had to be covered by a taller door or an additional cover panel.

To sum it up, when it comes to sinks every designer should have a close and detailed look. Make sure you are aware of the different shapes and the possibilities they offer. Together with adequate faucets, the cabinet underneath can be used for additional storage. If done well sinks can become a beautiful center point of any kitchen.