Laminate Kitchen Countertops

laminate countertops
How to cut laminate countertops and connect them firmly to the cabinets

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertops are both a very durable and unexpensive alternative to other materials. With its typical brand name formica counter tops, usually laminate countertops are meant. The laminate material are different layers of paper, board and melamine or plastic. Forced at high pressure or low pressure in the finished shape, the countertops come usually with a rounded front edge.

Special connectors for laminate kitchen countertops

To fit the laminate countertops to the kitchen cabinets, the board is usually screwd from the bottom to the top. With a typicall thickness of about 1.5 " or 38mm the srews get a good fit. Depending on the accessability of the area, most cabinet maker use angle supports available in good hardware stores.

The corner cut of laminate countertops

In L - or U - shape kitchens the countertop needs to be cut and fit properly. Due to the rounded front edge, a simple cross cut will not work so there are two ways of cutting. Either cutting a 45 angle which lets fit both parts precisely together, similar to a picture frame.

Or a precision cut out on both sides of the laminate countertop. This is usually done with a router using special router templates. With a guide bush guiding the router along the template whilst the router bit cutting the laminate. If done properly this kind of joint will look even less visible than the angle cut.

laminate countertops connectorWhatever method used to cut the corner of the laminate countertops, the two ends need to be kept together firmly. Therefore special countertop contectors are used. By drilling one hole in each part of the countertops and routing out a small groove, the connector is inserted and thightend to hold the laminate countertops in its position firmly.




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