Instructions on Painting Kitchen Cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets
How painting and upgrading cabinets can give a new facinating look to your kitchen

Things to consider painting kitchen cabinets

Before start thinking about painting kitchen cabinets have a look on what you want to achieve and if the effort will be worth it. Most of the time painting the cabinets is seen as a rather cheap way of refacing the kitchen. However keep in mind that it can be time consuming and the outcome will not be a new kitchen, just the same kitchen in a different outfit. So before you go on, have a look on our article about kitchen remodeling, where you find an interesting list of things to rework at the same time you plan painting kitchen cabinets.

The process of painting kitchen cabinets

As you might have decided to go for it, let's have a look on the work you need to do. First, disassemble the hinges, handles and kitchen cabinets knobs. This is the first and most important step before you even start thinking about painting. It is a good moment know to have a close look if anything needs to be replaced. Especially drawer guides and hinges tend to wear out over time. Take as many parts apart as you can. If possible take the drawer fronts off the drawers, so they will be much easier to sand and paint afterwards.

Cover the surroundings of any kitchen cabinet as well as floor and ceiling. Use paper painting tape and old newspaper for this work. Make sure you cover the kitchen sinks and the kitchen top areas as well. Every drop of paint will later cost you time to be cleaned.

Now it is time to clean the kitchen cabinets and start painting with good primer. You might want to sand the surface of the kitchen beforehand, especially in areas where the smooth finish has gone.

Painting kitchen cabinets - how often do you paint

It really depends on the state of your cabinets and the paint you are using. Contact your shop and read the instructions on the paint you choose. Most of the time they recommend applying the coat twice. In case the instructions recommend any special primer, than you should really consider using it, as this works type of paintings most often best together.

In between the first and the second round of painting you should sand the surface with sanding paper grid 150 to 180. This will give you a very fine finish.

Some final recommendations. Use a good brush or mini roller for painting kitchen cabinets, whatever you like best. You really should spend some money on good tools here - it will back pay in a great result. Also make sure that you might go for painting only the outside of your kitchen cabinets. No need to paint inside most of the time. So before painting kitchen cabinets use your paper tape to cover right the edges of the cabinets.

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