How easy it is to refinish kitchen cabinets

refinish kitchen cabinets
Simple steps to refinish and fresh up your kitchen

How easy it is to refinish kitchen cabinets

Before going in the process to refinish kitchen cabinets, you step back and ask whether this is what you want. To refinish kitchen cabinets is a rather easy process to improve the way your kitchen looks. However it will not change anything but the look of your kitchen. So in case you are not happy with the way appliances or cabinets are organized around your workplace or the kitchen is so old that even major parts need to be exchanged, than just to refinish kitchen cabinets will not be enough.

The process to refinish kitchen cabinets

To refinish kitchen cabinets make sure you prepare the places properly before you start. Preparation starts basically at three areas:

  • Get the right tools and paint to refinish your kitchen cabinets
  • Disassemble doors and drawer fronts for easier access
  • Cover up the kitchen floor and areas around the cabinets in preparation.

If you choose to refinish kitchen cabinets you best take off a door or drawer front and get it to your local paint shop. This way you can ask for special types of paint and you will get a detailed description on how to apply it. In addition a good paint dealer will be able to show you what your chosen color will look like and perhaps give you some samples to take home. It is always best to have a sample board standing around your kitchen before you decide on the paint used to refinish the kitchen cabinets.

Having chosen the paint for your kitchen, the starting and very important question is, what to paint. By this question we mean you really should check if your kitchen cabinets need to be painted at the inside. Most of the time simply cleaning of the cabinets will do an excellent job and look better than any refinish done. So have a close look and decide whether it is necessary.

As far as the refinishing is concerned, it is basically a process of clean – sand – clean – paint – re-sand – clean - paint. This means you first clean your cabinets, doors and drawer front. Than sand them using a sanding block and if you have a orbital sander with grid 80 to 120. Clean the surface again and start to refinish kitchen cabinets with painting the first time. Wait at least 24 hours until the paint can be sanded again using a 180 to 240 grid paper. Before you paint the kitchen cabinets for the final time you want to clean the surface to keep it free from any sanding dust.

This the general way to refinish kitchen cabinets. In addition to this procedure, have a good look at the refinishing instructions on the paint you get and the tips you get from your paint shop. All in all to refinish kitchen cabinets is a very easy and cost efficient way to get a new look in your home.

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