Kitchen Design Tips

Designing a kitchen, whether you are building your home or updating your existing kitchen, requires a great deal of planning. In order to get the results you want, you need to focus in on the many details that go with designing a good kitchen. In any good design, the details always come together to create the ideal solution and give you all of the functionality you need.

Be Conscious of Storage Space

If you know that you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, then make sure you include a lot of storage space for everything you will need. Overhead cabinets and pantries are ideal places to store what you need, but still get everything up and out of your way.

You should also get creative with your storage and not ignore possibilities with hanging things on walls, and possibly hanging some of your items overhead. Too many people forget to include an adequate amount of storage in their kitchen design, and they come to regret it when the project is completed. To prevent having to install more cabinets after the kitchen is built, you should make sure to include plenty of storage in your initial design.

Give Yourself Enough Countertop Space

One of the misconceptions many homeowners have about kitchen designs is that countertop space must always be installed at the expense of floor space. When you design your kitchen, get creative about countertop space and use fold-away counters and other designs to give yourself the space you need.

Another great way to give yourself more countertop and storage space is to install a kitchen island. You can put your island on wheels to get it out of the way when you need extra floor space, or you can install it with working outlets and running water to give yourself more work space.

Get Creative with Lighting

Instead of installing one powerful overhead light source for your kitchen, you should get creative and develop lighting that suits your needs. Be sure to give yourself a couple of sources of sunlight to save on burning artificial lights during the day. Lighting installed under your cabinets can give you work area light without having to light up the entire kitchen.

Pendant lights make great mood lighting for eating areas, or concentrated light for work areas. Pendant lights are interesting because they can be hung at different heights to give different lighting effects in each part of your kitchen.

Don't Forget the Power

If you will be installing gas appliances, then don't forget to have gas connections installed in your new kitchen. If you are going to go with electric appliances, then be sure to install plenty of the proper types of outlets to make sure that you do not overload your electrical system.

It is also important to have outlets near your countertops and other parts of the kitchen where you may be plugging in smaller appliances or need temporary power. Always remember to give your kitchen design plenty of safe power to get the job done right.

Bring In New Appliances

Reusing old appliances can seem like a money saving move, but it could cost you in the long run. Your old appliances are not nearly as energy efficient as the new ones, and reusing the old appliances will add money to your energy bills every month.

Those old appliances are also going to look out of place in your brand new kitchen. It would be a shame to put all of that time and money into a new kitchen and then have the overall look degraded by old appliances.

Always Design For Safety

Make sure that each part of your new kitchen has plenty of room for people to safely move around. If you use overhead storage, be sure that it is out of people's way and does not create a potential injury hazard.

Design your kitchen using flooring that does not create slipping hazards, and make sure all of your cooking surfaces are out of the reach of children. A new kitchen can be a great thing, but it can also be a problem if you do not design for safety.

A comprehensive kitchen design takes into account all of your needs, and provides for a safe and comfortable environment for everyone in your home. If you are planning a new kitchen, then be sure to spend time on those details that can make your kitchen a better place and save you money at the same time.