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Ways to make better use of kitchen sinks

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Optimizing Kitchen Sinks

From the traditional old-style kitchen sinks to the modern integrated sinks, the range to chose from is enormous. Modern kitchen sinks are made out of huge variety of materials. These materials permit new shapes and forms which make it easier for kitchen sinks to be integrated into the kitchen design.

In former times the sinks where inserted into a hole of the kitchen worktop and fixed from underneath. Over the recent years undermounted sinks have become more and more popular as the integrate more beautiful into the overall design.


Different shapes of kitchen sinks

Before going into more detail lets have a look on the different forms that can be found. Generally various shapes can be distinguished:

  1. single bowl kitchen sinksSingle bowl kitchen sinks, available left or right.
  2. Double bowl kitchen sinks where the sinks can be identical or different of size.
  3. Triple bowl kitchen sinks with extra space to store the sponge


Huge variety of different materials used

The most traditional kind of kitchen sinks are made out of stainless steel. Followed by Porcelain and the more modern once made out of DuPont® corian. Especially DuPont® corian kitchen sinks permit the designer utmost flexibility.

With this newer materials it is quite combine to combine kitchen sinks and the counter and make it out of one entire peace. Thereby the DuPont® corian sinks are glued underneath the kitchen top which is made of the same material. With a precise cut out using diamond coated router bits, the surface of the kitchen counter and the sink bowl are smoothly finished. As a result the joint between the counter and the kitchen sink can hardly be seen.


kitchen sinks blumImproved cabinets for kitchen sinks

With the recent development in new types of kitchen cabinet drawers the space underneath a sink can be used more efficiently. Amongst others Blum offers a new kind of U-shaped drawer which makes perfect use of the space underneath the kitchen sinks (Photo:Blum). The concept is very easy and perfect especially to store dishwashing accessories or cleaning agents etc. Gone are the times where the space of a kitchen cabinet had to be covered by a taller door or an additional cover panel.

To sum it up, when it comes to kitchen sinks every designer should have a close and detailed look. Make sure you are aware of the different shapes and the possibilities they offer. Together with adequate faucets, the cabinet underneath the sink can be used for additional storage. If done well kitchen sinks can become an beautiful center point of a kitchen.


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