Guide on building kitchen cabinets

building kitchen cabinets
Article on building kitchen cabinets and how to prepare yourself. From a cabinet maker.

Guide on building kitchen cabinets

Within this article about building kitchen cabinets we want to have a closer look on how it is done properly. Being prepared will make it much easier for you building kitchen cabinets, than just getting into it and later getting frustrated. Taking into account that you are a hands-on person or at least want to be one, all the work needed can be done. Kitchen cabinets building is not an easy DIY task, but it can be done with some preparation.

Planning and building kitchen cabinets

Before you start make sure you get a good set of kitchen cabinet plans. Whether you buy a kitchen just to be assembled or you are building kitchen cabinets from scratch, a detailed plan with parts list and step-by-step guide is what you need first. In addition, as every kitchen is different you might need some adaptation of the plan to fit your special needs. Will the kitchen fit in the space exactly as planned or do you need additional cabinets to be adapted. Will the hanging cabinets fit it or are they covering a kitchen window. All this can be covered in a good detailed plan before you start building kitchen cabinets.

Machinery and tools needed

In order to assemble kitchen cabinets you really need to have a basic set of tools. Whether you already own them or can borrow them at your local hardware store is up to you, but make sure you have them at hand.

  • Drill – Cordless Drill. Very important as you need to screw it all together. A corded drill will do fine, but if you can go for a cordless one.
  • Hammer Drill. To hang up the kitchen cupboards you might want to use a hammer drill. Depending on your kitchen walls and what material they are made of. Never forget hanging cabinets have to carry a huge weight and need to be fitted firmly to the wall.
  • Jig-Saw. In order to do the kitchen top cut outs for the kitchen sinks or adaptations to the wall, a jig-saw is your fist choice. In addition a circular saw with guide rail system can be even more handy for straight cuts along the kitchen top.
  • Router. Certainly not always needed, but a very handy machine for doing precision cut outs – especially around the kitchen sinks. If you are using certain materials like DuPont corian, the router becomes indispensable.
  • Hand tools. You will need the most obvious basic tools, hammer, screwdrivers, but also a chisel and some additional plumber tools might be useful, if you plan to do the kitchen faucets installation as well.

Getting started in building and assembling kitchen cabinets it is can also be very useful if you have a friend who can give you tips and a hand. Especially when you follow the instructions of your kitchen cabinet manufacturer you will find many times a help very useful. Just give it a try and you will see building kitchen cabinets is not such a difficult thing to do, if you plan it properly.

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