How to refinish butcher block counter tops

butcher block tops
Maintaining the a high quality butcher block top

Now you got your new kitchen with one of these new butcher block counter tops installed and use it for many days now. After some weeks butcher block counter tops need some sort of treatment in order to maintain there beauty. When simple water cleaning doesn't do any good any more, you need to get to the job. What's next is refinishing your butcher block tops.

At first depending on the manufacturer you will get different advice. Ranging from every 4 to 6 weeks up to every 3 months your counter should be treated again. Well, as with many things, it depends on your kitchen. It is a mixture of kitchen usage and surrounding conditions which influence the time you should wait between the treatment. As a rule of thumb, as more humid your kitchen is less often you will want to spend some time on your butcher block counter tops.

What to use for butcher block counter tops treatment

Before you start using any oil or whatever, you should clean every corner of your butcher block counter tops profoundly. You can use a sponge or just simple sanding paper grid 120 would do fine. Have the butcher block counter top cleaned with tap water and wait until the surface is completely dry. Than you should apply finishing oil. With many different oils for butcher block counter tops available on the market, you will find mostly of them a being a mixture of mineral and linseed oil. Some oils are even FDA approved, which is a good thing as you deal with an area where your food comes in touch with constantly.

The oil fulfils two basic needs on your butcher block counter tops. It prevents the wood from drying and protects it against water. Do not use any kind of lacquer or paint. Always use the oil recommended from your kitchen cabinets manufacturer and your butcher block counter tops will last longer than your kitchen.

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