What to look for on discount kitchen cabinets

discount kitchen cabinets
Quality differences on discount kitchen cabinets

What to look for on discount kitchen cabinets

Over recent years sources for discount kitchen cabinets have emerged all over the place. For the experienced woodworker it is easy to find good quality discount kitchen cabinets as he looks for certain components from where he can tell the level of the furniture. This article would like to give you some hints on what you should look for when you get your kitchen cabinets whether the are discount or not.

Parts to look on discount kitchen cabinets

First have a general look on the door of the discount kitchen cabinets. Apart of the general design, which can be question of like or dislike, you can identify main quality issues on the hardware used for the cabinet.

Hinges are the vital part of any kitchen cabinet door. Are they simple or springed hinges which force the door to close automatically. Also check if door and drawers are stopped softly. Some kitchen cabinets have rubber type stoppers preventing the doors from being smashed heavily.

As far as knobs or handles of the discount kitchen cabinets are concerned check the material they are made of. Nothing worse than a breaking kitchen drawer handle which later is very difficult to be found in any hardware store. This is the moment where a discount kitchen will than be no longer cheap.

Discount kitchen cabinets often use simpler materials. If you are thinking about kitchen cabinets made of plywood, you should really check the edges. Often the edge material used for drawer fronts or kitchen doors is very thin (under1mm). These thin materials often pvc or veneer do not last very long over time. So when you look for good discount kitchen cabinets make sure solid material up to 3mm thick is used and the edges are nicely rounded. If you consider these important time when looking for new discount kitchen cabinets you will be able to find your perfect solution.

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