The most important kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances

How to incorporate kitchen appliances into your kitchen

With every new kitchen comes the question on kitchen appliances and where to get them. This article wants to give an overview on main development in kitchen appliances and which once you really need. First of all lets have a look on which appliances usually go into a kitchen.

Overview on kitchen appliances

Oven and Cook tops - In former times one appliance, nowadays increasingly separated. While cook tops get more and more integrated into the kitchen island top, the oven is moved up from its traditional place underneath the kitchen top. The latest oven models, mostly with integrated microwave, fit well at eyes height into a kitchen cabinet. This allows more visibility on the cooking goods.

Microwave - If possible integrate it into one of the hanging kitchen cabinets, so it does not use any space of the kitchen top. The microwave is usually one of the kitchen appliances that is bought after the kitchen is designed and installed, leaving it as a separate thing. You really should consider integrating the microwave into kind of kitchen designs.

Refrigerators - Certainly one of the most often used kitchen appliances in today's world. Whether you go for a stand alone fridge or you try to integrate it into the kitchen cabinets design, allow it enough room on the sides around. Refrigerators produce a lot of warm air around which needs to flow freely.

Dishwasher - Whenever you plan fitting a dishwasher into the kitchen lineup, make sure the front panel of the machine is exchangeable. So even if you do any kitchen cabinets refacing in the future, you can use it again.

Garbage Disposers - When you plan on your kitchen sinks and the cabinets underneath as your plumber for the best garbage disposer he recommends. Get detailed measurements and leave enough room for it. Don’t forget the socket for the power supply.

Additional kitchen appliances

Depending on your needs there are many more kitchen appliances you should think about, before planning your new kitchen. Whether its trash compactors, washing machines or little appliances like bread cutting machines or even larger coffee machines. Make sure you make a detailed drawing where each of these kitchen appliances will go to into your new kitchen otherwise you might find them all put on top of the kitchen top, occupying a lot of space.

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