A look at good kitchen design software

kitchen design software
What a good kitchen design software should have

Analyzing of software for kitchen design

Currently kitchen design software is one starting point for everybody who thinks about a new kitchen. Whether you are the actual cabinet maker or the customer who looks for a new kitchen, a good kitchen design software can help you finding new ideas for your kitchen. This article want to give an overview on what to look for if you look for any software solution in this field.

Basic features of kitchen design software

Some standard features that every kitchen software should have are ease of use and self explaining help functions. As user friendlyness is a wide term, every software maker claims that his programs are easy to be used. A quick look at some of the program screens can already clear the dust on that issue. Is the program menu driven or can be accessed mainly by the mouse. Do you find a written manual that comes with it or is there a good online-help available. If you have access to a demo version of the software, its ease to check out.

Second basic question is about the PC requirement. As most kitchen design software offer many graphical features, they might require rather up-to-date computer hardware to run properly. Make sure you check the system requirements and compare it with your computer.

Kitchen design specific features of any software

Start comparing kitchen design software evaluating some of these key and important program features:

  • 3 D View – can you see the kitchen you designed in a three dimensional view. Is the view rotable, so you can get a look at it from many different angles.
  • Print plans – Check what type of plans can be printed out from the designed kitchen. Make sure you get print outs in different scales in order to get more detailed plans of certain special kitchen elements.
  • Parts list and cutting plans – A good kitchen design software might also allow to generate a parts list of all parts and materials needed. Some more sophisticated programs even offer cutting plans, so the cabinet maker knows exactly where and in which order to cut any boards to get the out of it.
  • Library of kitchen appliances – Good if you can draw any kind of oven or dishwasher into your kitchen design software. But even better, if the software offers a library of kitchen appliances which can be pasted into your kitchen designs.
  • Test or Demo version available – Its always good to read about something, but its better to try it. Check if you can get a demo version of the kitchen design software, so you can try it before you buying it. Often these demo versions are limited in time or some features like printing are restricted, but they allow you to get a good feel for the software.

If you have tested the various kitchen design software programs according to these features, you should obviously compare pricing. However, especially if you us software as a professional cabinet maker, you should also have a good look on the service and if the program will be developed further in the future. For those of you who are homeowners and just look for kitchen design software for one time use, this is of minor importance.

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