How to assemble rta kitchen cabinets correctly

rta kitchen cabinets
Why rta kitchen cabinets are better than you might have thought

When it comes to rta kitchen cabinets, with rta standing for ready to assemble, most professionals might start to smile a little. With a perception of too much DIY rta kitchen cabinets are better than one might expect. Recent improvements on corner and heavy duty connectors make them as strong as the glued traditional once, which are usually fully installed by a cabinet maker. Most often it is the way rta kitchen cabinets are assembled which makes the difference between the two types.

Overview on rta kitchen cabinets connectors

As you might come across many ways to assemble rta cabinets, it is most of the time the same sort of connectors you might come accross. So have a brief look:


rta kitchen cabinets connector

The rta universal connectorone of the most common types of cabinet corner connections. With a cam-action movement inside it not only holds the cabinet sides in its position, it also forces them together. Just with a simple screwdriver turning the wheel part the connector is fixed.

connector for rta cabinetsright angle rta kitchen cabinets connector


The cross dowel - solid connector is the second kind of rta kitchen cabinets fittings you might find. Visible from the rta cabinets outside and covered with a cap nut, it allows a very solid corner connection. Even when it needs to be dismounted and reassembled it will still be a strong fit.


rta kitchen cabinets countertopThe third typ of connectors you will find with rta cabinets is a kitchen counter top connector. Depending on the manufacturer they pull the two parts of a countertop together and hold it firmly from below. The only thing needed is to drill a hole in each part of the kitchen counter top and cut a small grove to the edge.


Assemble RTA kitchen cabinets correctly

assemble rta kitchen cabinetsWhenever you assemble rta kitchen cabinets make sure you are equiped with proper tools. Not just a simple screwdriver, but also a hammer and some clamps always help. There is even special assembly equipment available which make assembly of any rta kitchen very easy. And last but not least, get yourself some help. An extra hand can not just be very helpful, it can also help you see more things whilst mounting your rta kitchen cabinets.



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