How to choose the right type of kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets selection based on good planning




Looking at your kitchen cabinets and you might find it is time to change the place a little bit. Just bought a new home and looking for ideas on kitchen furniture and what to look for. Let’s have a closer look on cabinets and what to look for when deciding on your next kitchen.

Considering a new kitchen, first decide on general distribution of the kitchen cabinets according to the space available then check the price of a new kitchen near you. With different types of kitchens, single-row, L- or corner-shape and U-shape with or without kitchen islands, where to put what, depends on your room sizekitchen cabinets types.

The classical way to distribute the basic kitchen appliances around cabinets is: refrigerator, space, oven, space, kitchen sink with dishwasher. Obviously not considering any additional space for a possible washing machine. This traditional way of lineup keeps the heat of the oven away from the fridge and still allows room to have the close enough. Obviously it is up to you and the space you have at your home to find the best distribution. You can just draw a simple floor plan of your kitchen and cut out of paper board some pieces equivalent to each of your appliances. This will give you a rough idea of what could go where. Later on when you have a more concrete feeling of where each cabinet will go to you can talk to your cabinet maker to get a detailed drawing of your ideas, before getting on with it.

Overall planning on your new kitchen cabinets

single row kitchen cabinets lineupBefore getting in touch with any cabinet maker, home renovation contractors or kitchen remodeling specialist, make sure you get some basic points clear:

  • Material used. What kind of material do you want your kitchen do be? Massif wood or just veneer covered doors and drawer tops. Wooden kitchen cabinets will give a warm and friendly kitchen atmosphere but might be more difficult to clean.
  • Framed or panel kitchen doors and drawer fronts are also an important decision. Nicely framed mortise and tenon doors will give the furniture a more traditional look than plain panel fronts.
  • Material for the Worktop. This is a very important point for your decision. The material used for the worktop can make the difference if you later on like the kitchen or not. You can choose from a variety of different materials like marble, granite or other stones, to laminated plywood and massif wood e.g. ashwood.
  • Hinges, knobs and drawer slides should be of excellent quality. Especially these types of kitchen hardware is really what you want to be as durable as possible. So look for high quality fittings at all your cabinets.
  • Also think about sinks and faucet you might need. Make sure the design fits well into the overall room.

If you think about these areas during your decision making process you should find the right cabinets for your home. Ask your kitchen designer or specialist also for a reference list of some former customers so you can get in touch and check out durability and usability of the kitchen cabinets.


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