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Tips on design and development of kitchen islands

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Kitchen islands the center of the kitchen

More than ever kitchen islands become popular. Whenever the size permits it, kitchen islands are the perfect way of combining usability with design aspects. Whether you put it along a single row kitchen cabinets lineup or together with a L-shape kitchen, the island will be like the heart of the entire room. Therefore you should consider some basic design ideas for kitchen islands.

At the beginning of any kitchen islands making, let's have a closer look of what could go into it. The following list just wants to give you a slight idea and suggestions for your own needs.

What to put into the kitchen island

Oven - Obviously the main component of any kitchen island is an oven. Whether it is a gas or electrical one is up to you, but it will determine a possible cut out into the island counter.

Kitchen exhaust hood - in the middle of the room. Think about whether you want a stand-alone hood or nicely covered perhaps with a kitchen cupboard. You should also think about a electric connection for it.

kitchen islands plan Space - A minimum space between the kitchen islands and the kitchen cabinets should be given. Here at least 45 inches (110 cm) works best. Consider the kitchen draws and door open when you analyze the pathway you have.

Lights - Very important for any kitchen island is good lightning. You really want any kitchen island being illuminated well. So foresee any lamps and spots in the ceiling and around the kitchen exhaust hood.

Electric - Along with your kitchen island cabinet goes the perfect place for additional sockets to plug in any kitchen appliance. You should foresee some of the, place underneath the kitchen islands counter. Also think about having the switches for any lightning around here. Could be an excellent place to switch on the lights.

Storage and Shelves - It always looks nice to have cookbooks and perhaps a television placed on the top of a kitchen island at the cupboard. But keep in mind the steam and grease around the oven which is not very easy to clean. Even the best kitchen exhaust hood will not take away all the dirt. As a rule of thumb - on the oven-side closed cupboards on the counter side open cupboards.

Material for the island counter - The first and most obvious decision will be to use the same material for the counter of the island as used for the kitchen counter. However you could certainly think about different materials, just to give it a more interesting look. Especially marble and DuPont® corian kitchen tops work very well with all sorts of kitchen islands.

Finally, before deciding on any kind of kitchen islands make sure you are certain about the shape. Apart of the traditional rectangle and square once, the rounded or even oval kitchen islands can bring new life to your entire room. So think about a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape and have your kitchen designer made drawings of various options. All in all if you plan it well you might certainly agree that kitchen islands can become the center of every kitchen.


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