Selecting the right type of butcher blocks for your kitchen

butcher blocks
From antique butcher blocks to metal once – the range is sheer endless

Butcher blocks have become an integrated part in most modern kitchens. From early on when the John Boos company made his first block for a local butcher in 1887 he had probably no idea that over a century later butcher blocks can be found in many households all over the country. Originally designed for professional applications, butcher blocks are more and more used to set a practical detail in modern kitchen cabinet designs.

Manufacturers such as Bally, Michigan Maple Block and John Boos butcher blocks offer a wide variety of butcher blocks in nearly all sizes. Some are the traditional 4 leg blocks, others are a little bit better integrated like butcher block islands. Most of the time theses blocks are made out of maple or beech wood and are very easy to be cleaned up. Combined with a decorative knife holder they make every modern kitchen even more professional.

Modern butcher blocks

From the past antique butcher blocks to the modern once, the material used has changed. Instead of wooden butcher blocks, some manufacturers offer plastic cutting boards fulfilling basically the same need as the wooden once. However the impression a solid wooden butcher block or island can give your kitchen is unmatched.

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