Kitchen cabinet handles that fit

kitchen cabinet handles
Selecting the right kitchen cabinet door handle for your kitchen

Selecting kitchen cabinet handles that fit your kitchen can be very tedious. Before you start looking for any kind of kitchen cabinet handles get a good idea on what will fit to the colour and design of your cabinets. Especially on dark kitchen fronts you can use bright handles to set interesting design ideas contrasts. Whether you think about long or short handles also make sure that they are practical in terms of daily use.

Durability and usability of good a kitchen cabinet door handle

It is really not about design only, your kitchen is mainly a workplace and usability is key. So even the most beautiful kitchen cabinet handles and kitchen cabinet door handle can be a pain in the neck if the are difficult to grab. Remember that you might not always have clean fingers. Therefore whatever handles you choose should be easy to be cleaned.

As far as fixture of the handles is concerned use the supplied screws that usually come with the handles. In case of metal kitchen cabinet handles you may want to secure the screws with loctite screw glue in order to prevent any loosening over time. If you fix your handles to rather thin drawer fronts add a washer to your holding screw.

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