New kitchen cabinet hardware developments

kitchen cabinet hardware
New designs in kitchen cabinet hardware make life easier

The latest in kitchen cabinet hardware

Whenever new kitchen cabinet hardware products hit the market, it will take some time until major kitchen supplier incorporate them into their lines. This article will have a look on some new guides, hinges and drawers that could change the way kitchens are designed in the future. Generally under the term kitchen cabinet hardware fall so many different new products that is very difficult to choose the most promising new once from our point of view.

Here some of the latest kitchen cabinet hardware inventions hitting the market these days.

New corner cabinet drawer guides from Blum (photo:Blum).kitchen cabinet hardware blum

The hardware solves the problem of making the best us of the empty space in a 90 degree kitchen corner. Normally drawers collide or the empty room in the kitchen cabinet is not used at all. This example of new design award winning kitchen cabinet hardware solution shows one way of using the space for additional storage room.

New lights in the kitchen cabinet

Another perfect expample for new inovation in kitchen cabinet hardware is Hettich's fluerescent minisys tube system. Behind panels of glass the light highlights every front and cabinet door made of glass (photo:Hettich). Just the impression this gives, can add a totally new look to any kitchen. I am sure we will see more of this innovative piece of hardware in many new kitchens cabinets in the market.

All in all, these two great innovations are just examples for the efforts the kitchen cabinet hardware industry is making to improve the way modern kitchens work and look.


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