Overview on concrete kitchen countertops

concrete countertops

What to look at when it comes to concrete countertops

The decision on using concrete countertops vs other types of solid surface countertops is not easy for any kitchen designer. Especially with the new materials such as corian® and formica® the way kitchen counter tops are made has evolved a lot. In this article about concrete countertops we want to have a look on some of the advantages and disadvantage concrete countertops can have.

Advantages of concrete kitchen countertops

Concrete countertops as they are cast can have nearly all possible forms and shapes. This gives the kitchen designer a lot of flexibility and freedom. With concrete mixed with fibre materials, even very difficult shapes can be accomplished.

Second advantage is the durability of concrete countertops. This means the durability of the entire "board" - not really the surface. Because this is where one slight disadvantage of concrete countertops comes into play. The hardness of the surface.

The major point to consider on concrete countertops is its sealing. The material on its own would not be hard enough to resist daily work in a kitchen. Therefore special sealing is applied to harden the surface. Epoxy based sealing are here one of the most common used for concrete countertops. They are slightly more expensive but will give the concrete kitchen countertops surface the durability it needs. All in all make sure you contract a specialized company who will give you further advice on shaping and sealing, so you really will enjoy concrete countertops.


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