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corian countertops
Ways to apply corian® to kitchen countertops

Using countertops with corian®

Corian countertops are within the many options of solid surface countertops certainly the ones with the utmost flexibility to the kitchen designer. DuPont® developed and markets the corian® material and has done a wonderful job in offering a endless variety of colors and designs. This article wants to dive into some of the options you have with corian countertops to eventually redesign the entire look of your kitchen.

Corian ® allows a new way to integrate counter tops and sinks

One of the biggest advantages corian counter tops offer against any conventional laminate countertops is the perfect integration of kitchen sinks into the look of the kitchentop. With sinks available in the corian® material as well, countertops and sink can be glued together with virtually no way of finding any gap. So they look like one entire corian countertop. So the times where a stainless steel kitchen sink stood out of the kitchentop are gone. Now its this one-piece look, which gives the kitchen a very modern look.

From a technical point of view corian countertops can be cut very similar to formica counter tops. So TCT blades and drill bits are a must, preferably diamond coated cutters and saws are used. Most important tool when working with countertops made out of corian ® is the router or the cnc routing center. Especially a router with at least 2.5 HP is recommended for any kitchen sink cut outs or corner joints of the counter tops.

All in all corian ® gives you a huge versatility and freedom to design new shapes and forms around your countertops and kitchen island tops. Being a material with such a enormous flexibility corian ® should be one of the best choices you might consider for your kitchen countertops.

Further information on corian kitchen countertops is available directly from DuPont ®.


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