New Designs and Colors for formica ® counter tops

formica counter tops
Formica® introduces 28 new colors and designs

New Designs and colors for formica counter tops ®

The Orlando based company introduced 28 new colors and designs of which can be used on tabletops and formica ® counter tops. The high-pressure laminate are available from natural granite and stone, to lush leather and wood, to shimmering crystal and quartz. With housing at an all-time high and new construction on the rise the high preassure material is ideal for laminate countertops in every kitchen. Thy offer all the beauty of natural materials, combined with long-lasting durability and affordability. HPL can be applied to just about any surface, from formica counter tops ® and cabinets to custom furniture and architectural columns.

A variety of 25 new formica ® counter tops designs

Formica® brand laminate's Patterns Collection also has been expanded with 25 new designs that evoke artful renderings, subtle palettes and the delicate details found in handmade paper, woven textiles, brushed watercolors, tooled leathers and polished stone. 

Chief Executive Officer and President Frank A. Riddick III says "The breadth of our collection makes for endless possibilities in residential and commercial applications. These new products give architects, designers and consumers the freedom to do so much more with their projects - in essence, if they can imagine it, they can do it with Formica® brand laminate."

Formica brand laminate has also added new stone looks including Perlato Granite, Giallo Granite, Azul Granite and Rosso Granite which can be used for countertops. The renewed popularity of travertine stone inspired the realistic Travertine design, styled in a warm walnut noce color. With this huge offering formica has once again shown to be the leader for laminate counter tops.

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