The natural beauty of granite counter tops

granite counter tops

Considering granite counter tops for your new or remodeled kitchen, is one of the most obvious these days. Being around fro many years now, granite counter tops unify both the beauty of a natural material with the functionality and durability needed in a kitchen. Especially with the upcoming new materials such as laminate or other solid surface materials, granite never lost its attraction to kitchen designers around the globe.

Durability of granite counter tops

granite counter tops 2With its outstanding hardness granite counter tops beat most other materials used for kitchentops by far. If mounted properly the granite will gain additional stability. Therefore it is recommended to use a up to 1 inch thick spacer board on top of your kitchen cabinets. Such a board will not only give additional stability but also level the surface and provide a clean flat surface for the granite countertops. In the next step the granite counter tops are glued to the board using silicone. Finally all edges and gaps to the wall are also sealed with silicone, sometimes using additional granite edge stones.

On granite counter tops one are of difficulty are the connections of two tops. Whenever you need to join two countertops, make sure that the cut is done very precise and the cutting surface is not allowing the slightest gap. Otherwise over time these joints will be extremely visible as dirt enters. So keep close attention on all areas where your granite counter tops get connected to another granite counter top or the wall or a kitchen sink.




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