Purchasing and preparing unfinished kitchen cabinets

unfinished kitchen cabinets
Steps to consider before you get any kind of unfinished kitchen cabinets

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are a very easy and cheap way to remodel an older kitchen. Whether it is only changing and reworking unfinished cabinets doors or the entire kitchen, they offer great advantages and leave you with enough freedom to redesign the final design of your kitchen surface. Before you decide whether to get finished or unfinished pieces to replace your existing kitchen cabinets parts, let us have a quick overview on the pros and cons of unfinished kitchen cabinets and doors.

Advantages of unfinished kitchen cabinets

The biggest advantage any kind of unfinished kitchen cabinets have is its adaptability. You just decide the style (framed or frameless) and the wood or other surface you want to start with and later on you give the doors and the cabinets its final finish. Talking about the finish, this does not only mean color and type of paint or stain you might use. It also means that unfinished kitchen cabinets and doors allow you to freely choose which hardware you want to use. Whether it is simple kitchen cabinet knobs or handles or even a long handle bar across the door or drawer top, it can be mounted easily as unfinished kitchen cabinets and doors do not yet have any holes for hardware drilled.

Same advantage when looking at the hinges you want to use. Again as most unfinished parts do not have any holes for the hinges done yet, you are free to choose what kind of kitchen cabinets hinges you use.

Drawbacks of unfinished kitchen cabinets and doors

Any kind of unfinished workpiece whether it is the kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors or the drawers requires additional work. Depending on the supplier of your unfinished kitchen cabinet parts you will get additional instruction and tips on how the surface and the kitchen cabinet hardware parts are properly finished. However a certain workload is needed. Additionally as better you woodworking skills are the better your finished kitchen cabinets will look like.

Finally, given the flexibility in terms of surface and hardware applied using unfinished kitchen cabinets and doors is certainly a very interesting and inexpensive option to reface an entire kitchen.


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