What material should be used for kitchen counter tops?

kitchen counter tops
Overview on different materials for kitchen counter tops

The decision on what kitchen counter tops to choose is one of the most important for every successful kitchen design. Especially nowadays with the nearly endless number of different materials, finding the best material for your kitchen counter tops can be a little bit tricky. Let's have a look on what is available and where are the differences.

Natural stone counter tops

The first group of kitchen counter tops is also one of the more expensive once. Solid stone countertops like granite counter tops or marble counters are probably one of the oldest materials used for kitchen tops. With an enormous durability against most of the materials used in the kitchen, they guarantee a long lasting, solid and high quality kitchen counter top. In addition to solid granite or marble tops, sometimes only ceramic tiles are used. This kind of kitchentop can be found more frequently around the Mediterranean. Looking very very pretty most of the time, tiled counter tops are not as resistant in today's hard daily kitchen environment. Being also rather expensive, they are very rarely seen.

Solid surface countertops

Within this group basically all kinds of different can be found such as: Corian ®, Laminate or Formica. With the less expensive laminate countertops every kitchen maker has a reliable option. Being a resistant material, it is still very easy to cut and adapt to different kitchencounter shapes. Only in areas where you need maximum flexibility on shaping, laminate could be a little bit more difficult to make the edges look professional and durable. For standard straight forward kitchen counter tops, laminate is a very good option.

In case you look for more flexibility and shapes of the counter tops, corian countertops are a very nice solution. Available in a nearly endless amount of colors and textures, as the top is made of one solid material, the counter can be shaped and cut in nearly all forms. Especially when it comes to integrating kitchen sinks into the kitchentop design, corian offers the option that the sink is made of the same corian material than the top. This gives every kitchen designer new ways to incorporate kitchen sinks into the overall kitchen concept.

Metal kitchen counter tops

The last group of kitchen counter tops is not very often considered. Metal or better stainless steel kitchen counter tops, are most common in professional kitchens where efficiency not beauty is most important. The material is easy to be cleaned up and very resistant in day to day work. As material for kitchen counter tops in private households it will remain the exception.

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